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CW Eckersberg

CW Eckersberg

June 21, 2016

Intercontinental travel is not easy even if my “system” makes it as rapid and painless as it can be. Our first day was slow to start and finished after four hours to satisfy the need to take a nap. We managed to have lunch and then go to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket for their Gauguin exhibition.
C. W. Eckersberg (1783-1853) lead the Royal Danish Academy of Art and is considered the father of Danish painting. The Golden Age of Danish painting was in the first half of the 19th century. As a student he studied with Jacques-Louis David in Paris. Surveying the famous Danish painters – most all of them studied under Eckersberg. What drew me to more closely examine this painting was the rosy cheeks of the sitters. The weather now is terrific (low 70s under patchy clouds). But be it sun or early frostbite from cold wind, features of this image indeed look like Copenhagen locals.