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Gauguin 1889

Gauguin 1889

June 21, 2016

The Glyptotetek proudly shows a large exhibition of works by Gauguin (1848-1903). Gauguin was a huge traveler and I marvel at the extent of his travels. His ceramic sculpture was conditioned by early exposure to Peruvian ceramics (Gauguin’s mother was Peruvian and he lived there in his childhood). In 1873 Gauguin married a Danish woman and lived in Copenhagen attempting to be a businessman. After eleven failed years his wife and her family asked him to leave. It was in 1885 that he parted company from her and their five children – moving back to Paris. Much of his early work resides in Copenhagen. The most famous Gauguin works were late – after his first trip to Tahiti (1891-1893). The Glyptotetek exhibition has been a good way to integrate my understanding for this titan artist.