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Viking Ships Museum

Viking Ships Museum

June 25, 2016

The Viking Ships Museum is located across the bay from Oslo on the peninsula called Bygdoy. The fastest way to get there is by ferry from the central city. Under immense funerary mounds the remains of four Viking sailing vessels were unearthed. The ships had been retired from their sea-duties to become burial vessels in middle of the 9th century AD. Having been buried under huge mounds of clay and turf they had survived the centuries.
The Vikings were active from 750 to 1066 AD. A 24 meter long ship such as this was powered by 32 oarsmen. They were not only fearsome warriors but superb sailors. From Scandinavia they made landfall in Russia, the Mediterranean, and Newfoundland. Crossing the oceans without onboard shelter and only enough room to sit on top of their stores and row side by side is unfathomable. Their boats, finely made of oak and nails, were strong and efficient.